Happy Holidays from the Education Committee for the Bay Area and Central California Chapter of CAI!

Following is a link to the luncheon program schedule for 2017, with scheduled luncheon dates and program titles noted by region – PROGRAMS & EVENTS BY REGION. There are seven regions for luncheon programs: (1) East Bay; (2) North Bay; (3) Peninsula; (4) San Francisco; (5) Silicon Coast; (6) South Bay; and (7) Stockton. Please note that the Stockton luncheon programs, other than for January, are still being determined for 2017.

If you are interested in speaking on one of the scheduled luncheon topics or in a specific region, or if you are willing and interested to speak on any topic in any region, please email Education Committee Chair Alex Noland at by Friday, December 27, 2016. Your message and information will be forwarded to the applicable regional subcommittee chair(s) for the Education Committee, and those who respond by the December 27th deadline may be given preference during the 2017 speaker selection process. The Education Committee may be scheduling a speaker orientation/seminar for both scheduled and interested (but unscheduled) speakers in the first part of next year; more information on that event will be provided in January 2017.

For the Chapter’s manager members and community volunteer leader members, we encourage you to review the 2017 Event Program Calendar now so that you can plan for which programs you would like to attend next year. For the Chapter’s business partner members, we also encourage you to review the 2017 Marketing Plan now so that you can determine if any of the luncheon programs would be a good sponsorship opportunity related to your business and to identify topics that could be of benefit to you and your business.

Best to All,

Alex Noland, Esq.
CAI BayCen Chapter Education Committee Chair & 2017 President-Elect

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