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The editors of The Communicator Magazine are seeking articles for the upcoming Summer, 2024 issue.  The focus of the issue is “Reserves & Financials."                                                                          

You are invited to submit an outline for an article relating to this topic.  The following are some suggested article materials, but are by no means the only topics.  We welcome your ideas!

  1. Your reserves are underfunded, now what?
  2. What to provide to your reserve preparer to get the best reserve study.
  3. Are you using your reserve study properly?
  4. Can you change your assessment allocation?
  5. FHA approval: do you need it and what’s new?
  6. How to survive an audit.
  7. Budgeting in a mixed-use associations.
  8. Financial issues that may arise after developer transition.  

Articles may be co-authored and should range between 650 and 2200 words.  Articles should not be advertisements for the author’s company or services.  Please submit article outlines to Morgan Hurlbutt at [email protected] no later than April 4, 2024.  Final draft articles are to be sent to Morgan Hurlbutt at [email protected] no than May 10, 2024  


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