The California Legislative Action Committee (CLAC) is a committee of the Community Associations Institute (CAI). It is the largest advocacy organization in America dedicated to monitoring legislation, educating elected state lawmakers, and protecting the interests of those living in community associations in California.






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What you need to know about CAI-CLAC

  • CAI-CLAC is a non-profit committee comprised of 28 Delegates from ten CAI California chapters and elsewhere around the state.
  • Represents six million homeowners residing in 30,000 associations throughout California.
  • Is comprised of association homeowners, directors, and professionals.
  • Is not a PAC (Political Action Committee), and makes no financial contributions.
  • Depends solely on the donations of the community associations it represents.


Stay informed. Visit the CAI-CLAC website to keep up with community association legislative updates and current call-to-actions in our state.

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CAI-CLAC’s Mission

To safeguard and improve the community association lifestyle and their property values by advocating a reasonable balance between state statutory requirements and the ability and authority of individual homeowners to govern themselves through their community associations.

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