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An Exciting Year Ahead for BayCen’s Legislative Support Committee


When it comes to new Sacramento legislation that has the potential of affecting our industry, it’s fair to say 2022 was not the busiest year. Nevertheless, our chapter’s Legislative Support Committee (LSC), which supports the mission of CAI’s California Legislative Action Committee (CLAC), has been busy planning several exciting events and fundraisers for 2023, as well as continuing to support CLAC in its ongoing work.

First up is a Virtual Town Hall, our "Getting Ready for Advocacy Week" planning meeting (April 11). Then comes the ever popular and always important "Advocacy Week" event itself (held virtually, April 24-27). During Advocacy Week, CLAC delegates, homeowners, and other industry professionals meet with legislators to discuss potential impacts of bills the Legislature is considering, as well as other issues and challenges currently affecting their communities. LSC will also help support CLAC in its ongoing "Buck-a-Door" campaign, in which associations agree to contribute $1 per residence per year to support CLAC in its important mission and work.

To cap off advocacy week, LSC will host another "Kahoot! for Loot" online trivia fundraiser (April 28). Last year’s inaugural event proved to be not only extremely popular, but also a lot of fun.

LSC is also finalizing its proposed planning for a first-time-ever bowling tournament to be held in August at a soon-to-be-announced venue.

Finally, LSC will continue working to support the creation of new legislation in 2023, especially with topics that CLAC has identified as being of particular importance to community associations. These topics include, but are not limited to, allowing virtual board meetings at all times (not just during a declared state of emergency), addressing the inability many communities currently face in obtaining required fire and other casualty insurance because of increased premiums, clarifying requirements for reserve studies, permitting electronic voting (perhaps, finally!), and allowing for reduced quorum at elections (even when governing documents impose higher, sometimes almost impossible, requirements).

Stay tuned to this column and other chapter communications for further information regarding these events and initiatives, including updated dates and times.


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