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Are Trees Blocking Your View and Lights?

By Sophia Huang

Tree pruning is essential for property maintenance and risk management. Pruning trees helps keep them healthy and safe, which in turn creates a safer community. One type of pruning is visibility pruning, which focuses on removing overgrown branches to retain visibility around the tree. Impaired visibility creates inconvenience and safety issues. Read on to learn why trees need visibility pruning, how to have well-pruned trees, and tips on reducing pruning frequency!


Unsafe Community

When trees are overgrown, their canopies block out light sources and security cameras. Blocked lights create shadows that can conceal potential hazards, and blocked security cameras fail to monitor the community. This increases the risk of accidents and a sense of insecurity.

Impaired Visibility of Street Signs and House Numbers

Overgrown branches obscure street signs and house numbers, making it challenging for visitors, emergency services, and...

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Trees and Concrete

By Adrianne Bauer

This article fist appeared in The Communicator, Spring 2023 Edition. 

There is no
 product more commonly used than concrete.

We can’t exist without trees providing this little thing called oxygen.

Therefore, trees and concrete exist in the same environment – sort of like cats and dogs. Trees continuously grow both up and out as they become older, changing their footprint. Concrete is a finite object that is most often damaged by trees. So, how do we make it all work?


During development, landscape architects and developers put together their brilliant plan to create a beautiful community, knowing that eventually there will be issues. Most developers/landscape architects install fast-growing trees in order for the property to sell quickly. Unfortunately for us, these fast-growing trees with fast-growing root systems create future issues that we find in almost all communities.

Once these...

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