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Down the Drain

By Mark Bush

Picture this: you have a dozen guests over to watch the Super Bowl. Everyone is having a good time as they cheer their team on to victory! Lots of food, cold drinks, and good company. By halftime, people "gotta go," if you know what I mean. Suddenly, your "bowl" isn’t looking so "super" anymore because a mysterious clog puts a stink – I mean, kink – in the festivities. The toilet has backed up and is now unusable. Smelly? Yes. Embarrassing? Absolutely! Fortunately, embarrassing scenarios like these can be avoided with routine plumbing maintenance.

Gain some peace of mind with these simple plumbing tips to keep things flowing smoothly in your building. Remember, when it comes to plumbing, it is all about preventive maintenance.


When was the last time you thought about the main sewer drain line at your property? Let’s face it: you probably never think of it, right? Unfortunately, this is true for most of us.

Flush after flush,...

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