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The CID Outsiders

Co-ops, Airspace Condos, Non-DS Elections, Lake Communities, Public Facilities, and More
By John D. Hansen, Esq. & Becky Jolly, CCAM 

This article is about the unusual topics that apply to common interest developments (CIDs), but are not often discussed in articles and presentations. Here we will share our knowledge and experience with those who deal with these "outsider" CIDs as we examine co-ops including mobile home parks, airspace condos, elections that do not use secret ballots, communities with water features that have unique issues, and CIDs that maintain public parks and facilities.


A cooperative (co-op) is one of four CID types in California. Members and subleases are approved by committee or board through an application process. Primarily mobile home parks, they can also include condo-style developments that are similar to apartments. A member has a membership in the corporation, coupled with a right to occupy a space or residence. Members do not...

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3 Common Lake and Pond Management Misconceptions

By Trent Nelson

As An Aquatic specialist with more than a decade of experience, I’ve assisted hundreds of property managers with their lake and stormwater pond management needs over the years. Despite the diverse types of lakes and ponds they oversee, I’ve noticed that many clients have the same set of concerns or misconceptions about their waterbodies. These often come to light as we work together to design a freshwater management program. Let’s take an in-depth look at some of these common assumptions. 


While lakes and ponds can be long-lasting features in our communities, they are not permanent. They fill with sediment that erodes from the shoreline or flows in during rainstorms. Weed growth and decomposition may lead to the development of muck. And trash, tree branches, and other pollutants can build up over time.

The aging of a lake or pond is a natural phenomenon, but can be highly...

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