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Partnering for Success: 7 Tips for Working with a General Contractor

Guest Blog by Char Tedrick

This article fist appeared in The Communicator, Spring 2023 Edition. 

Let’s face it – life is stressful. We can try every calming strategy in the book, practice meditation, breathwork, and yoga – but when you are responsible for the peace of mind and contentment of a large community of residents, we’re talking next level. You need to be prepared and ready to handle whatever the day brings.

When circumstances call for the services of a general contractor, chances are your needs are urgent and time is of the essence. When your community is depending on you for quick and reliable service and support, having those strong partnerships and vendor relationships in place is critical. You may have your nominated vendors and trusted partners, but you never know what the future may hold. It is always better to have options and the ability to make a calculated and thoughtful decision on work based off the bids of a few qualified...

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